Sunday, February 7, 2010

1980's Magnavox D8443 Boom Box

Found this 'ol skool boom box at the flea market this morning. It a big heavy sucka, Magnavox model D8443 with 5 speakers, 3 amplifiers and a single tape player. It's in pretty good condition and works but could use a little tune up for some of the knobs. Still a great old collectable stereo from the '80's.


  1. nice....i got one (silver) layin around i see they are about 80 - 120 bucks on ebay...looks like ill hang onto it

  2. Just bought one on eBay for $50 including shipping. This was m favorite toy of the mid to late 1980s. I plan on repairing any damage, upgrading the wiring, speakers, amps, maybe add some subtle lighting. I'm going for what they call a retro-mod: updated tech but still true to the vintage styling. Looking forward to my first DIY upgrades.

  3. I just picked up one this morning at the flea market as well. Mine looks brand new and sounds remarkably good. It has one small mark on the top and the rest looks brand spankin' new. Gotta break out some nice 80's cassettes and give it a good run. Great Boombox, very good sound!