Sunday, November 22, 2009

KampKold Ice Cooler

Found this vintage KampKold ice cooler at the Mount Dora Antique Flea Market. It is in good original shape with normal wear. Very 1950's looking with the red/black color combo and splatter paint details.

UPDATE: Sold to the UK!

History from a Reader:

"saw the kampkold cooler on your web site. My Dad worked in the factory that made those. It was called Queen Stove Works in Albert Lea Mn. These were made from the mid 50's to almost 1970-- in some form or another. A variety of collors with the black squiggles on the main color. Of all the coolers we had as I was growing up you'd think I would have kept at least one. I didn't. They also made kamplite, lanterns,and Kampkook stoves.. Then they switched over to make Scotsman Ice machines in the mid 1960.s Dad is gone now and so is the company.. Scotsman moved the ice machine manf. to South Carolina in the early 80's"


  1. Hi Joe,

    I am happy find this cooler, are you selling this?

    I am interested to buy the same as I think we will be wanting to manufacture some of the same kind, and having a model will help a lot.

    our website for your reference is:-

    thank you, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Hi I just bought one of these coolers at a garage sale for myself it in good condition i would sell it any one is interested in it email me thanks mark walters

  3. i have one also mine has a grate in the hold food above the ice water